Human Resources

Individual, Team & Organizational Performance Coaching


Are there road blocks that are keeping your team from achieving their true potential? Our HR gurus will help your team to set practical, achievable goals,  provide tools to overcome weaknesses, help individuals to sense, identify and understand the emotions and reactions of others and develop leaders who effectively inspire and drive a team towards success.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation


Consensus building is a skill that can be developed. Our HR gurus will help your team to identify and understand the emotional drivers of others, mediate disputes and put together an action plan for working together as a team.

Hiring Process Consultation


Finding the right person for your team can take a lot of effort... our seasoned team of nonprofit human resource professionals have a network of individuals with experience in the sector. Leave the hiring process to our gurus and be prepared to meet your next team members!

Performance Review Process


Performance reviews are often a dreaded task for managers and employees alike, yet it can be an excellent opportunity to connect with your team members while supporting professional growth and increasing employee engagement. Our HR gurus will coach you through the process to ease the burden and make the entire process rewarding and productive.